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Bartlesville, Oklahoma Sooner High School Class of 1970 Official Website

1970  Sooner High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

This is the Official Website of the Sooner High School Class of 1970

and anyone who would have graduated with us

but didn't 

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Sooner 1970, Bartlesville Oklahoma


If you went to school with our class at Madison Junior High, or Sooner High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, or any of the elementary schools leading to Sooner, but for whatever reason, did not graduate with us, we'd like to reconnect with you.

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1967 - 1982
15 Short Years  -  Gone, but Not forgotten
That's what makes the Sooner Spartans so Special!
We're one of a kind!


The following is the personal opinion of our guest columnist and does not necessarily represent the opinions of this website. 

Sooner High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma was built in response to overcrowding at Col-Hi High School.  It opened in 1967 with 10th and 11th grades the first year, then grades 10 through 12 in 1968.  The school team was the Spartans and the official colors were Kelly Green and Old Gold.  The first graduating class where students had gone to Sooner their entire high school career was 1969.  Sooner features a 1,019-seat auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria. 

Sooner unfortunately, didn't last long.  Fifteen years after it was born, it closed with the last graduating class in 1982.  Many attribute poor planning and heavy handedness by the school board for trying to force a bond issue in 1980 that was ultimately defeated.  Citing declining enrollments and the 1980 failed bond issue, the school board voted for consolidation and Sooner was no more.  One wonders how the declining enrollment could have surprised the school boad because as we all know, they do take Daily attendence and they knew the average attendance of every class for all 12 grades, 12 years in advance, leaving all but 3 years accounted for. 

Sooner may be called by some the Mid-High, however in an even stranger turn of events, remodeling at Central would cause Madison to be Renamed to Central, Sooner, now the Mid-High would be Renamed Madison and entire generations of students will be forever confused as to where they went to school. 

Forgive me school board, but Sooner will always be Sooner, no matter what they call it.  Madison will always be Madison and Central will always be Central and the school board be [explitive deleted]!  One plus one is always two, except for the Bartlesville school board, for them it's 3 7/8th. 

by Don Robertson
Guest Contributor 


( The opinions above do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website. )









Bartlesville, OK  Sooner High School Class of 1970

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Gary Allison
Libby Bailey (Underwood)
Rebecca Bailey (Arnett)
Jay Bashe
Russell Batchelder
Liz Beckham (Stefanopoulos)
Steve Bishop
Susan Blackburn (Sizemore)
Mike Boggs
William "Mark" Bohon
Linda Bracken
Thomas Brandon
Cathy Breshears (Berry)
Karen Breshears (Loriaux)
Daryl Brooks
David Brunfeldt
Paula Burch
Patricia Butler
Mike Calnan
Steve Case
Mary Anne Casey
Bill Christie
John Clopp
Phil Cramer
Don Crane
Cindy Dixon (Hastings)
Judy Donaghue
Tim Dover
Kathy Duncan (Dimick)
David Eakin
Steve Earley
Kathy Eutsler
James Evans
Mary Lynn Finney (Coker)
Mary Floyd
Janice Friend (Toal)
Linda Futhey (Remke)
Stuart George
Laura Gordonwood (Dick)
Susan Gorrell (Norwood)
Diana Grundy (Doyle)
David Haimson
Kenneth Hambrick
Pam Hanmer (Hargraves)
Greg Harrison
Brad Hart
Randy Hart
Kris Hawk
Leslie Holbrook (Mahin)
Theo Hughes
Vickie Hull (Addington)
Stan Jackson
Mark Johnson
Charles Jones
Larry King
Sheila King (Mullings)
Joan Kraus (Brunfeldt)     
Keith Lambright
Debbie Leskela
David "Jed" Lindsey
Beth Linnard (Wiley)
Raymond Loffer
Mark Lott
Marilyn McCabe (Bogle)
Paula McCann (Parkison)
James "Mike" McCloud
Don McClure
Richard McCullough
Del McKinney
Jim Millar
Allen Morris
Don Myers
Carolyn Nickels (Wallain)
Marilyn Nickels (Phoenix)
Cheryl Nowlin (Grizzle)
Leda Oliveira
Vanessa Peacock
Stanley Peugh
Cheryl Powell (Claybough)
Brenda Ramsey (Pearl)
Randy Randall
Debbie Reynolds (Webster)
Bob Rice
Lesley Romine (Bailor)
Debbie Rucker
Kay Ruehlen (Sass)
Jack "Rick" Rust
Dick Sattler
Wayne Sauer
James Sears
Olian Shockley
Lynda Sites (Martin)
Greg Smith
Karen Smith (Mahaffey)
Faith Smoot (Rees)
Joe Spann
Terry Sparks (Robinson)
Susie Starks (Wilkey)
Bobby Still
Tana Stubblefield (Grogan)
Marian Thompson (Ware)
Danny Tidwell
Tom Wiggins - Italy
Kathy Williams (Ivy)
Donald Wilson
Nancy Wilson (Kofoed)
Sue Woolman (Maddux)
Rick Worsham
Alan Yocham
Ken Yocham
Walter Zehren

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